Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More on ATmega32M1 and ATmega64M1 support with Arduino IDE

This morning I have posted up a refreshed set of 'files' to enable the ATmega64M1 uC in the Arduino IDE.  See 'Arduino Libs' resource tab above.  Specifically I have made edits to pins.h, and the wiring.c files scrubbing port names and how they are handled.  I also desk-confirmed the macro's needed to support software serial.  At this time I have touched a good portion of the Arduino IDE stack, and think most is 'ported' in support of the Arduino IDE - the two areas I have not touched, but perhaps will work fine due to how things are written, is the basic PWM and timing functions.

If you have downloaded the porting files before, you should do it again as there has been some significant corrections made in the area of how port names and numbers are defined.

I have also expanded the supported variants to include:  8Mhz, and 16Mhz external crystals, and an 8Mhz internal oscillator variant.  

All these changes are in support of the Arduino IDE version 1.0.x.  Going forward, I am working to bring up the SmartMPPT controller and as I find issues I will continue to update these files.  I also want to make a set of files targeting the new 1.6.x series of Arduino IDE's  as that will simplify things given their usage of more current compilers and ARVDUDE and as a result better native support of the ATmegaxxM1 uC's.  However, there are some major changes which have been done and porting to the new environment will take some time.

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