Friday, March 20, 2015

Updated ATmega32M1 / ATmega64M1 support files for Arduino IDE

During debugging of the MPPT controller, I found a problem with the serial port code I adopted - resulting in random hangs while using Serial.Print() or Serial.Write() functions.  Today I posted corrected files (there was a logic error between the ::write object, and the interrupt handler).

I think the code can be cleaned up even more, and may do that later - perhaps using the current 1.6.1 files as a starting point.  But for now, do know there was a  bug which has been corrected.


  1. Hi, great job!
    I've found an error on avrdude.conf for ATMega32M1 processor:

    page_size = 128;
    num_pages = 256;

    and not:

    page_size = 256;
    num_pages = 128;

    1. Hey, Thank you!

      I updated the files under the resource tab above. Note this is only applicable to the 1.6.x IDE support files as I have fixed the 1.0.x files to only support the ATmega64M1

      Thank again.

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  3. Hi, just trying to install on windows 10 and Arduino IDE 1.6.8: correct path for smart_xxxx folder seems to be C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware intead of libraries/Documents/Arduno/Hardware as described in your readme.txt.

    .. oh, great job, thanks!!